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qQuality: We believe that quality products start with the creative thinking process via design, material selection and the manufacturing process. Every detail is important to ensure that our products meet our high quality standards and this is recognised by customers all around the world.

uUnique: The creative design makes all Qualy products original and unique. Qualy has to date several patents under its name, and has won several product design and innovation awards and international accolades.


Aesthetic: The appearance of a Qualy product is carefully and painstakingly designed just like how an artist crafts his masterpiece. A sculpture that is as functional as it is aesthetic.

lLong Lasting: Qualy desires to be part of the effort in making the world a better place. Our products have society, environment and sustainability in mind.


You: Our products are designed to fulfil your satisfaction, both functional and decorative aspects to suit your lifestyle and to share your special moments.




Singapore Garden Festival 2016


Singapore Garden Festival 2016 – My Home Garden

Q1Qualy products featured at the Singapore Garden Festival 2016

Singapore Garden Festival 2014


Qualy products featured at the Singapore Garden festival 2014



The Strait Times – July 8, 2017

“Other Thai brands sold here include Qualy, an award-winning home accessories and kitchenware brand that is known for its witty designs; and Pana Objects, which makes simple and beautiful wooden pieces such as stationery holders.

Retailers say Thai designs are original, well-crafted and often utilise traditional techniques and materials.

Mr Alvin Tan, 34, owner of Bibliotek Design Store, says: “Thai brands can hold their own in the world of design. They have a seamless ability to combine modern aesthetics with traditional crafts such as woodworking and embroidery.”

Mr Shane Low, 35, a director at Becheras Holdings, which is the sole distributor of Qualy and Pana Objects, says: “What you are paying for is uniqueness. You can be proud that your door stopper or sponge holder is a conversation piece, unlike the many $2 door stoppers in your neighbours’ homes.””

Read the article here: http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/home-design/fun-quirky-and-thai


“SHOP & SHIP – Fabulous online buys waiting to be carted off to your living and dining zones. Here’s to never standing in line again.LOOKBOX ANNUAL 2017 – SPECIAL EDITION

“DINING FAVOURS: Deck your dining space with these charming additions for an instant pick-me-up.

Deer Meadow Toothpick Holder – Toothpicks aren’t the most glamorous object on the dining table, but you can inject a cheeky twist with this toothpick holder. An adorable deer stands in a field of toothpicks.

Squirrel Tissue Log Toilet Paper Dispenser – This little critter on this dispenser not only assists you with the tearing off of paper, it also conveys a noble eco-friendly message. The log is its home so you shouldn’t take more paper than you need as it means wasting nature’s resources.

STUDY BUDDIES: Whether it’s at home or in the office, bring a bit of personality to your workspace with these accessories.

You’ve got Mail Door Stopper –  This doorstopper doesn’t just hold the door, it doubles up as a letter-holder when you flip it on the other side. Your bills and letters will be organised quickly with the simple slots that hold your mail upright. Comes in white, brown and green.”


“YOUR COLLEAGUE – Yeah, we know it’s already a blessing to have you as a desk mate, but hey, how about an actual gift eh? No stocking stuffers here! ‘Tis the season to give something nice to the person you see more than your mom.”


“You may have noticed Qualy’s eye-catching products in stores and online before, but now you can head straight to the source for your fix of thoughtfully designed and playfully eccentric home accessories. These are wall hooks shaped like clouds, salt-and-pepper-shakers designed to mimic the four seasons, a doorstopper that looks like a sleeping dove, and many more items that put a bit of cheer into mundane activities.”


“These opulent-looking pieces are surprisingly less than $100 each! With these fab buys, you won’t go broke prettying up your space!”

ll47IDEAL HOMES – 2016 VOL. 8

“Brighten your home with colour – these products will bring a cheery style update to any space.”

2016-ideal-homes-vol-8-collageLOOKBOX ANNUAL – 2015

“Your home sourcing experience begins here! – Check out the brand new Product Showcase section on the refreshed lookboxliving.com.sg website! We’ve got everything you need for your home, form furniture to fittings, sanitary ware to smart technology. Browse through an exhaustive selection of more than 200 products from Singapore’s top retailers and suppliers.”


The Finder – 2015 May

“Turn your kitchen into one straight out of a Buzzfeed post with quirky and adorable kitchen items from Qualy. Offering homeowners creative kitchen solutions, all of Qualy’s products, be it kitchen equipment or packaging, are made from 100 percent recyclable materials. Items like the super cute Four Seasons seasoning shaker set, Thirsty Bird water dispenser and Slice cutting board set make cute conversation starters as well as gifts. Qualy’s boxes can also be upcycled into makeshift shelves; simply follow the detailed instructions printed on the packaging’s exterior for added storage space.”

Qualy Design featured on The Finder Magazine


“Upgrade your desk with chich stationery in seasonal hues straight off the runway.” – Sonja Cher

hwSimply Her – 2015 March

“Can’t remember if you’ve watered your plant? When you don’t see the squirrel in the pot, you know it’s time to feed your thirsty plant and make the little fellow pop up again.”

shZAN Magazine – 2015 January

Interview with Teerachai, Design Director of Qualy Design:


The Last Log pencil sharpener
The Last Log pencil sharpener

1.       In this era, what do you look out for when designing stationery?


“The first thing when designing a stationary product is the design. Imagine walking into a stationery store or a stationery section, if your design does not stand out or wow the customer they would just walk pass it. After attracting their attention your product have meet their expectation. For example the stationery that they are looking for need to have great design and WORK as well .

2.       Is there a particular kind of design or tagline (eg “ideas happen everywhere” or other slogan) that appeals to the consumers?

“Inspirations”. Our brand concept is concerning the future of our planet and how we choose to act in our daily life. After the customer buys our product we don’t want it to stop there. We want the product to carry on the message and want the customer to forward that message to their close one. For example, “The Last Log” (Pencil Sharpener) sends a message that we should be very careful on what we are consuming and we should consume in just the right amount.

3.       What do you hope to give consumers through his design?

We want our customers to be happy and to receive a great experience when using our products. With every product, we try to add a story behind it, and we hope the customer feels that he or she is part of the story.

Qualy featured in Zhan Magazine


Elle Magazine – 2014 December

elleRenonation – 2014 November

“Qualy, a brand from land of smiles which has won several product design, innovation awards and international accolades such as “Good Design”award in 2010 and “Designer of the Year” award in 2011, retails a myriad of environmental friendly, practical home and living accessories. These high quality, beautifully designed solutions are ingeniously designed to raise greater environmental awareness among the consumers.

Qualy rose from its humble beginnings as a family business, which specializes in production of moulds and plastic, to an internationally recognized brand across the globe. QUALY has made its presence in numerous countries such as Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA and many more!QUALY retails very unique yet functional products and therefore, they make superb house warming and holiday gifts! If you have an hectic lifestyle like mine, QUALY online store will make your last minute gift purchase a breeze since you can choose to pick up your purchases from the warehouse on weekdays at your own convenience!”

Renonation Block 20 and 30 recycling bin



Lookbox Living – 2014 Issue #38

“Hang your everyday belongings off this cute Little Deer Tray and you’ll always know where to find them the next day. From car keys to sunglasses, the adorable deer will keep an eye on your possessions!”

lbl38Straits Times – 23 August 2014

“Spice up your seasoning rack with these adorable shakers. Inside the salt shaker is a Christmas Tree for a white winter (salt), while pepper covers a cactus for a dusty summer in the other shaker.”


Nylon Singapore – 2014 Issue 23

“Home is where the heart is. Especially when your home has these kitsch accessories from Becheras-home-grown purveyors of chic furnishings!”


Lookbox Living – 2014, Issue #35

“Dinner Parties will get a dash of quirkiness when you serve up these shakers with your entrees. Each shaker represents a different season such as cactus for summer and pine tree for winter.” – On the Four Seasons shaker set, available here.”

“With these drink dispensers, hitting your two-litre-a-day water quota shouldn’t be a problem. While the cute bird lever comes in black and white versions, we much prefer a pinch of colour to up the fun ante.” – On the Thirsty Bird drink dispenser, available here.”



“January is a good month for spring cleaning! Nobody loves to clean but with our stylish list of cleaning tools, you won’t hesitate to get your hands dirty.”



“If you’ve guessed it by nowm yes, it’s a container and a food bowl for kitty!”

sr138 Days – 2013, December 5 issue

“Never have we met a paper towel holder that played as much with our emotions as the Log & Roll from Qualy. As you use up the paper, a little squirrel and a sprout will sink sadly into their log, reminding you that with each piece you pull, you’re destroying trees and their natural habitat. Sob.” – On the Log & Roll paper towel holder, available here.”

“These Four Seasons shakers from Qualy dispense four seasonings, geddit? Basil in spring, pepper in summer, chili flakes in autumn and salt in winter. Pretty genius, if you ask us.” – On the Four Seasons shaker set, available here.”


i Weekly – 2013, December 5 issue